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Three hugely anticipated brands, set for global success, are being showcased at the Foundation Brands flagship store at Judd Street under the acclaimed AEPC UK Ltd umbrella:

*Cinere natural skincare – anti-ageing specialists. Cinere is an innovative skincare range that combines state of the art research and ethically sourced natural ingredients to produce high purity products that are scientifically proven to deliver results. The use of superior quality herbs and natural active ingredients help maintain healthy skin and reduce the visible signs of ageing. Clinically proven, the range consists of 100% natural cleansers that gently remove impurities and help maintain the skin’s natural moisture levels. Hydrating and nourishing creams that repair damaged tissue and promote collagen and elastin production, and potent serums, which are their hero products due to the inclusion of highly concentrated new generation peptides, proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

*Figurite – the pioneering anti-cellulite targeting system. A new concept in the fight against cellulite, the Figurite system is independently tested, and proven to reduce the appearance of cellulite in 28 days The revolutionary system takes a 3-phase approach that targets the main contributing factors of cellulite to minimise fat storage, maximise fat breakdown and kick start the lipolysis process. Using patented formulas that are expertly designed to work in synergy, the range consists of a cream that contains stimulating caffeine and menthol extracts, micro-encapsulated shorts impregnated with active ingredients with time control release technology, and food supplements to tackle the problem from the inside out. The results are; a reduction in the appearance of cellulite and skin that is contoured, smooth, lifted, firm and youthful.
*Reseed – a unique holistic hair-loss treatment. Taking a holistic approach to treat hair loss and thinning, the gender specific Reseed system is a new benchmark in hair loss treatments that strengthens weak and dormant follicles and induces natural, healthy hair growth. Reseed formulations are enriched with antioxidants, proteins, vitamins and natural ingredients to help repair the hairs’ structural fibres, prevent breakage, restore vitality and promote and support healthy hair growth. The range consists of a fortifying shampoo which supports the scalp’s natural functions and strengthens roots to prolong the hairs’ life cycle; a volumising conditioner that densifies, repairs and restores resilience and hydration; a nutrient-rich hair serum that blocks DHT, (the hormone that causes hair loss), and stimulates roots to enhance hair growth; a botanical solution which is 100% natural in origin and packed with essential botanical extracts to protects the scalp and delivers stronger, fuller healthier hair; and a food supplement to maintain healthy hair growth. *AEPC UK recognises that skin and hair care products are not just a cosmetic issue; they understand the huge psychological impact of hair loss and skin concerns; designing products that transform lives and help regain confidence. *Herbs are exclusively farmed and cultivated, and of superior quality. *Manufactured and produced in the UK.

Reuters Press Release

AEPC UK Ltd Introduce Ground-Breaking New Beauty Products by Reseed, Figurite & Cinere to Launch at Cosmoprof & Dubai Beauty 2014

Wed Apr 2, 2014 1:15pm BST

Brands: Cinere, Figurite & Reseed
Where & When:
Cosmoprof Bologna, Hall 22P, Stand L14, 4-7 April 2014
Dubai Beauty, Hall 1, Stand 1H28, 27-30 May 2014

Three hugely anticipated brands, set for global success, are being launched at Cosmoprof 2014 under the acclaimed AEPC UK Ltd umbrella:

*Cinere natural skincare – anti-ageing specialists.

*Figurite – the pioneering anti-cellulite targeting system.

*Reseed – a unique three-step hair-loss treatment.

Each range has been rigorously tested, with significant results that have been actively proven.

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