Lisa-Jane: Personal Trainer at WildCat Fitness

No matter how much weight I lost (over the past 6 years I have shed over 3 stone) or how clean I made my diet, I just couldn’t get rid of my cellulite. I don’t smoke, don’t drink alcohol, eat barely any processed food and am active and on my feet most of the day. Over the years I have tried (and wasted money on!!!) so many anti cellulite creams, gels, self massaging tools…. none of which worked. I looked into expensive medical surgery techniques and was strongly considering mesotherapy injections until a friend of mine went through a course of them and saw very little difference in her legs. I was happy with my weight snd shape of my legs but just felt resigned that shorts, and showing off my thighs would never be for me.

So when Figurite contacted me to ask if I would potentially be interested in working with them in creating an exercise regime for those trying to tighten and tone their lower body, I told them that not only would I be interested in working with them, but that I would love to try their product as I had yet to find anything that even vaguely changed the appearance of my cellulite. As I have mentioned before, I get approached often by companies wanting to work with me and offering me the chance to be a brand ambassador. However, I am not willing to put my name or face to something I do not believe in or would not use myself and so my agreement with Figurite was that I would take part in a 28 day trial and agreed only to work with them if I was confident in the products themselves. No pressure then Figurite ;)

They sent me their 28 day “kit”: cream to be rubbed in twice a day, capsules to be taken twice a day (4 in total) and shorts to be worn for at least 8 hours a day, every day. One thing that is really important to say is that you really need to make sure you are completing all three steps of the programme – doing one without the other won’t produce noticeable results – they do all work together. The capsules contained substances I was supplementing with anyway like CLA (Conjugated Linolic Acid), L-Carnitine and Vitamin E and were all natural so I was happy to take them. The shorts were not the most attractive underwear I have ever sported but were undetectable underneath my gym leggings. My 28 day trial period was February, so actually having an extra layer under my leggings felt really good, but I’m not sure this would be as comfortable in the heat of the Summer! On the first few days of rubbing the cream in I could really feel the menthol working, and for a few minutes after application my thighs were really cold/tingly – not to the point of being uncomfortable but I was definitely aware of them. This subsided further into the trial.

I took progress photos every week – after day 7 there was very little change in appearance but my skin felt much smoother, day 14 the cellulite was a little reduced, but by day 21 the difference was so noticeable and my thighs felt a lot firmer. I have to be honest, I was actually amazed to see such results in such a short space of time.

The trial tied in perfectly with a holiday I had already booked, and day 28 was my first day of a beach break in Dubai…. and I can honestly say the first time in a long time that I have felt bikini confident and not desperate reaching for a sarong to cover the tops of my legs every time I got up from my sun lounger. My cellulite has not disappeared completely, but it has reduced dramatically – have a look below – on the left is day one, on the right is day 28.

I have never seen such a reduction in cellulite from any other product I have used before, and certainly not within 4 weeks. I really was impressed – and would definitely recommend the products to anyone looking to reduce the appearance of their cellulite. However, this would mean a full commitment to the system – twice daily cream application, wearing the shorts every day and remembering to take the capsules – I do believe they all work together, and the routine does need to be followed exactly to see such strong results.


Lisa-Jane Before and After

Thank you Figurite for letting me trial your quite frankly amazing products! Not feeling conscious of my legs in a bikini on the beach is a feeling I have not had a in a long time, and who knows, maybe I will start sporting shorts in the gym this Summer….. watch this space!

Emma: Environmentalist and Actress, London

Diligently used the 3 products in the system over the 30 days, included my working holiday in Africa.


Emma Figurite Trial - Part 1.


Emma Figurite Testimonial Video 2 - Out in Africa.


Emma Figurite Trial - Part 3


Really happy with the results, as is my boyfriend, will certainly be recommending the products to friends and collegues. Particularly like the tingling sensation you get from the Figurite Anti Cellulite Cream, absolutely feels like its working.


Emma's Before and After Figurite Trial images